Memorie Reminder

There will come a time, I think
I know it did for me..
When I regret letting time slip by,
without making a memorie.
Like times when my children chattered so,
I'd never hear what they say;
What I'd give to remember now,
since they're grown and moved away.

And sitting beside my old grandma,
As she talked of days gone by...
What I missed by not listening,
is enough to make me cry.
My mothers love was always there;
In her eyes I could do no wrong.
Her sweet smile and encouragement,
let me know that I belong.

Then came the day she went away,
And my heart still feels the pain.
I wish I'd spent more time with her,
but that wish is now in vain.
So, you who still have mothers..
Take time, make time each day;
To let her know you think of her,
they'll be memories you'll replay.

And you mothers still with children..
Don't let sweet times slip by.
Take time before they leave the nest,
for soon enough they'll fly.
For there is joy in memories,
as we make them one by one.
Then once again when we bring them out
and remember what we've done.

© 2003 Marie Alexander
Happy Mother's Day!

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Mother's Day





The inspiring poem
was written by;
Marie Alexander.