September 11th., Memories

September 11th. Memories

The wounds have healed, but the scars remain,
All across the USA.
Even if we could, we won't ever forget,
The tragic events of that day.

When it felt like the heart of America
Was ripped from this glorious land.
We watched it unfold thru tear-filled eyes,
With hearts that could not understand.
Such hatred, that wiped out so many lives.
With such cold calculating ease.
We watched in horror; a nation in pain,
United, we fell to our knees.

As one, we prayed, for strength to go on,
And, truly believed we would rise.
Much stronger above the rubble of ruins,
As a tribute to all the lost lives.
Yes, life goes on, for those left behind.
But, September 11th remains,
A scar, so profound in the hearts of this land.
Where the blood of those gone still stains.

Our mem'ries with sorrow, but forever they'll live,
As heroes in America's eye.
We remember and pray, God bless us again,
Each year as September draws nigh.

©2003 Barb Lientz

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