If you have lost a loved one
(And there's many ways we are alone)
Then cry, for cry you must-
But, you'll never cry alone

For the Lord our Savior's very near
Closer than a dearest friend
And all He's doing is with love
Though hard to comprehend

He has a plan, yet strange it seems
A plan for more at hand
If we can rest our heart and wait
For more to understand

But, cry we will, for grief is real
While all He has works through
He'll hold us tight, while tears flow
Meantime we are subdued

He'll still do right and keep us real
Unto the very place
Where hearts are oh, so gently held
In the comfort of His grace

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

God incarnate
is the end of fear,
and the heart that realizes
~He is~
in the midst,
will be quiet
in the middle
of alarm.
Frederick Brotherton ( F. B. ) Meyer

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