A Mile In Their Shoes

Another war has now come upon us,
Many of lives are on the line.
Whether it's right or whether it's wrong,
Our opinions matter not, yours or mine.
But walk a mile in their shoes.

What would life be like, being constantly oppressed?
Living in fear from day to day,
Not enjoying the freedoms that others may have;
Being wary each moment of what you do or say.
Try walking a mile in their shoes.

Now the soldiers are coming to free you at last,
From the one who has caused so much turmoil and pain.
Would you ask them to leave as they enter your streets,
Or would you rejoice and give thanks that they've finally came?
Why not walk a mile in their shoes?

Now think of the soldiers whose time has now come,
To fight for safety and freedom for one and for all;
Leaving behind all their family and friends,
Yet in spite of all this, they will still stand tall.
Let's walk a mile in their shoes.

The battle is raging on every side,
The enemy is now in your sight...
You're aware that your life may be in grave danger;
But you fight on with all power and might,
As you walk a mile in their shoes.

You're willing to sacrifice your life for the cause..
Your country is now counting on you;
But back home, the protesters are filling the streets,
Saying this war wasn't the right thing to do.
What's it like to walk a mile in their shoes?

So before you go out to express your own views;
(By the way, that freedom came at a cost!)
Don't forget those suffering and those sent to their aid...
It's for YOU that those lives may be lost.

Remember to, "Walk A Mile In Their Shoes".

© 3-27-03
Linda Lee Wolovich

This page is dedicated to all veterans
past, present and future.
This Veteran's day, please don't forget
the Veteran's. The Men and Women who fought so
bravely and lost their lives during WW1, WW2,
Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf, Afghanistan and peacekeeping.
Let us never forget our MIA's and POW's
Please remember to keep all Veteran's and their
families in your thoughts and daily prayers.

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