When you are carrying a cross
That is hard to bear
And the pain is in every bone
Always remember, Jesus is Our Miracle Maker
In His own time He will heal your soul

Jesus was brought to earth
To cure the blind and lame
Some special people
He brought back from death
Even those with rare illnesses
Jesus, Our Miracle Maker
Said a pray for them to become whole

Only Jesus, our Lord, who loved the people
And died for all our sins
Brings us to heaven with the angels
So we can feel glory from within

Today we still can feel Jesus Greatness
To live as He would wish
Eternal life is around the corner
If we mortal's put Jesus in our hearts to live

Jesus, I ask for nothing for myself
I pray for those people who need Your love
To heal their souls and free them of their sins
You are the Miracle Maker
And only you can make their cross lighter
Help give them peace from within

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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