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Mothers Are God's Helpers

To all the Mothers that may doubt or not know
The depth and the love from a child even grown
There's no other can take the place of a Mother
Many may think their love at times is a bother
Although they marry and have children too
You remain a part of them that stuck like glue
Holding them together when bad times pass by
Sheltering their fears on your shoulder they cry

Many wise words are given throughout the years
However it's Mother's words they're incline to hear
Even if the Mama has gone to be with the Lord
It remains to be her words they feel on equal accord
I still hear my Mama say; Now baby it will be okay
Words are passed down and all Mothers say each day
I'm here when you need me and close by I will stay
For you're in their heart,that will never pass away

Never limit yourself to speak into the heart
For these words remain never to be forgot
Mothers are God's helpers from their words impart
Wisdom and knowledge even to a grandchild's heart
Sometimes they feel taken for granted but truly know
It was from your birth they nourished you to be whole
To be an example and their love will always grow
Even at times they feel less needed the truth unfolds

So bless all the Mothers and Grandmothers too
For we are menders of hearts in years through
Lest anyone forgets God's helpers we remain
Tenderness passed down with love all the same
God the creater made us special caregivers you see
For without Mothers where would God's creation be?
So hug your Mama and Grandmama often as you can
Never forget it is she that never fails to understand

A special thanks and love I send out to my own
For being the greatest women I have ever known
Not a day goes by their wisdom will always renew
For they shared a legacy sent down from me to you

Linda Begley © 2007
Poetic Mama
That Christ may dwell
in your hearts by faith ; that ye,
being rooted and grounded in love

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