The darkness of the world is vanquished,
Hosanna the SON has risen;
The brightness of the days is lavished,
Hosanna the SON has risen.

Mary ran to the disciples to proclaim,
JESUS CHRIST has risen.
Seeing the empty tomb, Apostles claimed,
JESUS CHRIST has risen.

As Jesus Christ disciples, let us rejoice,
JESUS CHRIST has risen.
Let the world know with unison voice,
JESUS CHRIST has risen.

To save the world JESUS was born on earth,
The Promised Messiah sent by God.
The WORD was made Flesh in immaculate birth,
Proclaiming JESUS to be Son of God.

On this happy Easter morn' let us joyfully confirm
The risen JESUS CHRIST as Son of God.
With Faith and Belief, let us acknowledge HIM,
With the Father and Holy Spirit Omnipotent God.

Rejoice, JESUS CHRIST is Alive today Alleluia
HE is our Loving and Living God, Alleluia
With Words and Deeds acknowledge HIM, Alleluia
In our life let CHRIST JESUS shine... Alleluia!

© Wilbert Isaacs

Wishing you a blessed Easter !

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