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I rose just as the gentle light
Was seeping from the skies,
I gazed out on the rooftops
Sipping creamy coffee..
And let out a little sigh...

Oh, the early dew of morning
Drifting softly past my view...
The moody fog of daybreak
Pillows a-wash in the sky
As I pondered there of you...
I prayed you would be blessed
For God's will to open up each day,
Your steps not be unknown
But His footsteps up ahead
To lead the way.

I imagined you held in the awareness
That He is always there,
No stark trees to block your mind
Inhibiting the joy
Of His goodness and His care.
I saw the truth of His gentle words
Blowing shadows from your path,
And that secret twinkle
Shining in the fog
As His love burning in your heart.

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005

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