When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes
I see your face
Your smile shines so bright
I am in paradise

When I close my eyes
I can see the stars
you came into my life
Now I know where you are
When I close my eyes
You are all I see
You are heaven to me

When I close my eyes
This feeling never ends
Please guide me from this unknown
Make me your very own
When I close my eyes
I see beauty all around
I can hear the birds sing
We are walking in the sand
You are with me
holding my hand

When I open my eyes
You are really there
To take away my troubles
You do so much to care
I will keep my eyes wide open
Look at things, I did not see
We have a dream come true
It will always last with you and me.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I Love You!

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