Remembering My Grandfather

God gave me someone special
Who would love me for all time,
My most beloved Grandfather
A treasured friend of mine
His soulful beauty very deep
Inside his loving heart,
To cherish me with all his love
Even when we are apart.

Blessing me with unseen gifts
Of kind and thoughtful words,
Praying for me everyday
With continual concern.

And when I have a worry
That I really need to tell,
Listening quietly, then advising
He always does so well.

In all that life would bring
His example's what I view,
A life of steadfast faith
That God will see us through.

God chose for me a grandfather
The one He made for me,
I'm glad that you are mine
None more loving could there be.

Soft Whispers for a Grandfather from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

"All the love my Grandfather cannot express,
because of deep emotion-is in his
hands -- the older I become,
the more I understand that
tender love"

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