My Heart Sings..........

My heart sings with the knowledge that my Savior lives!
Resurrected after suffering for me and you.
The tomb was empty, just imagine Mary's face,
Astonishment, unbelief, God's gift of grace.

The disciples overjoyed at Jesus presence in their midst,
Doubting Thomas still uneasy seeing him present.
Jesus' wounds there for all to see and touch,
Left no question, they were real insomuch.

The cross, the agony, then joy unimaginable,
The resurrection after three days of sorrow.
Memories of this history of our Savior Christ,
Should not grow dim because we're humanized.

Because of that long ago event of tribulation,
We have new birth as we believe in Him.
God is mighty and powerful in what he achieved,
My heart sings at what we have freely received.

© 2006 Joan C. Nelson-Payne

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Beautiful painting used with permission
Greg Olsen

"Because He Lives"
William and Gloria Gaither