My Jesus......

Eyes like jewels,
Face radiant as the sun,
Such is my Jesus,
Such is my One.

Smile sweet as honey,
Voice soothing as the sea,
Such is my Jesus,
My Love for eternity.

Hands soft as the flower,
Feet perfect as they guide,
Such is my Jesus,
As I walk by His side.

Yea, such is my Jesus,
No person lovelier than He;
Yea, such is my Jesus,
He is Everything to me.

I sing of His glory,
I sing of His love,
I sing of His Spirit
Descending as a dove.

I rejoice in His mercy,
I rejoice in His care,
I rejoice in His provision,
Yea, forever He is near.

I worship Him in awe,
I worship Him in adoration,
I worship Him in joy,
In sweet celebration.

My Jesus is more precious
Than this world and all within;
He is the spotless Lamb of God
Bearing all my sin.

How can I contain ever
The joy of Jesus in my heart?
How can I marvel not
That He and I shall never part?

Surely my Jesus is amazing,
Surely He inspires my mind,
Surely He is my Treasure,
Priceless for me to find.

Take me, my Jesus,
I am Yours forevermore;
My life is Yours now, Lord,
You I worship and adore.

I shall follow You, my Jesus,
Wherever You shall go;
I vow to cling to You,
My love will ever grow.

Your love sweetly embraces,
A sight lovelier I will not see
Than You, my sweet Jesus:
You are Everything to me.

Your precious hand I hold
As You perfectly guide;
I travel with You, my Jesus,
I walk forever by Your side.

Your smile warms my heart,
Your voice soothes as the sea,
Your whispers enthrall,
You are my Love for eternity.

Yea, Your eyes are as jewels,
Your face radiant as the sun,
I love with all I am:
My Jesus, You are my One.


© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

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