To My Mother

I have a Mother I never knew
Yet she loved me with a love that was true
I have seen a picture, she looks just like me
I can almost touch her or let her be
I am the first child of her heart
When she first saw me, she make a mark

I have a Mother I never knew
When the doctor brought me to see
She told him how beautiful
I turned out to be
I look just like her, even today
When I look in the mirror
I smile, in a special way

I have a Mother I never knew
She always remembers
The child who is true
She gave me life
She wanted more time
It was not easy to makeup her mind

I had a Mother I never knew
Every Mother's day, Mom
I will light a candle for you
Please be happy, you loved me enough
You let me go, to someone you trust.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
do you remember me
the people's poet

With love to Anna Hilda Conaway(Buchler).
In my heart, burns a candle that will live forever.
The soul lives on after we die. It is glorious to behold.

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