Families are forever.......

My Uncle Is For Loving

Uncle's are for loving
'Cause they are always strong
I really am so glad
To our family he belongs

Uncle tells me it's alright
Without a word to say
His just 'being there'
Makes everything okay

Uncle's are for fixing things
They know what's best to do
I just trust him anyway
He says what is true

We don't chatter very much
Somehow he 'understands'
I don't know why or such
My Uncle is God's 'man'

Uncle's are for doing stuff
We get out and play
He sure can make me laugh
I like him every day.

Soft Whispers for an Uncle from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

An Uncle who is truly "there"
is a "Tower of Strength" for neices and nephews.
The storms of life may blow against the family,
and no one can stand them as calmly as a man
who is sure of his place before His God.
Taking his place as a caring role model,
causes a strength that leads to
security for all around him.

N- Nurturing

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