The Forgotten Soldier Of Nam

I remember now, when thinking of the past
Of the forgotten soldiers who went to Nam
Who in freedom's name, were sent to war
That many thought would never last

These soldiers embarked on foreign land
In the jungle of Nam I heard their name
I remember how they hurt
I remember their pain

Today, I want to shake their hands
For these forgotten soldiers then
Left as boys and came back as men
They lost the war, but stay in my heart
For me at least, they left their mark

When they came home, no one cheered in line
No job could they even find,
They were not loved, though they gave their blood
For many thought what they did was wrong
Yet they did it for country, loud and strong

They could not vote, but were drafted to war
They tried their best to meet the call
Some travelled to different lands
So did not have to fight in freedom's name

But the forgotten soldiers who gave their all
Did not have a friend, who they could call
Now, many years later, let us remember them
Those who fought in Vietnam.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Written for a soldier, who asked me to write
about the forgotten men and woman in Vietnam.
Being the people's poet, I could do no less.
Also for my brother Michael who came back a different man.

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