If ever you need me
I will always be there
If ever you need a friend
I want you to know I care
If ever you need to cry
I promise to cry with you
If ever you need someone
My heart will shine for you

If ever you cannot see the sun
Only clouds up in the sky
I will hold your hand
I will help you see life in God's eyes
If ever you think
No one is there
You have Jesus love
He will carry your despair

If ever you wonder where God is
I will help you find the way
All things are done for a reason
I will help you pray.
Remember, you are like a sister
I understand your grief
When someone you love
Needs much relief

If ever you need me
I will be by your side
Jesus never forgets you
For He also cries
You have always
Been there for me
Now it is my turn,
To help you see butterflies are free

Do not feel unhappy
Or lost inside your heart
Remember Jesus loves you
I can feel His arms
He is with you forever
He will leave you never
If you need me, I will know
Whatever happens let your fear go

If you ever need me
I am always here
I will pray for you always
Because you are so dear.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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