New Beginnings...

New beginnings,
A turn in the pathway,
A new horizon ahead,
Promise of a new day,

Blossoms emerging
From the depths of soil,
Triumph radiating
From tears and toil,

Hope burgeoning
From years of pain,
Flowers growing
From showers of rain,

Love flowing
From a heart now bound,
Joy shining
From treasures now found.

Yes, new beginnings,
Horizons shining bright,
Promises of joy
In Your eternal Sonlight.

This I know in You,
New beginnings divine;
The joy of Your renewal
Is miraculously mine.

So with gratitude,
With song and celebration,
From a heart filled
With love and adoration,

I sing of You, Jesus,
You transform tears and toil
To glorious triumph
As You anoint me with oil.

Yes, new beginnings
Invite me on this pathway,
As You are the Sun
Making new every day!

Caroline Gavin İOct.2013
Purposeful Pathway

2 Corinthians 5:17
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation. The old
has passed away; behold,
the new has come."

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