The day will come when I am gone
But do not despair,
For I will be alive
Death has no power to keep me down,
My soul is unbound, without any care
I am not held by time or space,
Soon you will be filled with delight
And look with joy upon my face.

You may think I have gone afar
Departed forever from your broken heart,
But, I am but a step beyond
Just one breath apart
Awake for all time in a wonderful place,
Soon you will come to me
And together we will dance and twirl
In the miracle of amazing grace.

For shattered are the chains of earth
Jesus broke the power of death's gloom
Don't search around for me there
I cannot stay in a cold dark tomb,
Lift your eyes to the sky
For there, on high, I am flying free
Soaring in a beautiful new day
Look beyond... for then you will see.

Praise the Lord, we will rise again
Nothing here will hold us back,
All God has promised will be ours to keep
We will live forever
Where there is nothing to lack.

Today... is a day of joy
Though for a time of grief you may weep,
Do not fear, I am not asleep, do not cry
BUT overflow with hope..
For we will meet again, dearest one
In the twinkling of an eye.

The new day is near.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005

Some day you will read in the papers
that D.L. Moody of East Northfield, is dead.
Don't you believe a word of it!
At that moment I shall be more alive
than I am now; I shall have gone up
higher, that is all, out of this old
clay tenement into a house that is
immortal- a body that death cannot touch,
that sin cannot taint; a body fashioned
like unto His glorious body.

Dwight L Moody

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