Night and day.....

Night and day.....

Quiet is the morn
Like a whisper in the dark
Dew is on the grass
The night has left its mark.

The sun has yet to rise
It hasn't made its debut
But soon it will ascend to the sky
Forcing the night to say adieu.

So many hours are given to each
Therefore we have night and day
Every second is accounted for
As time slowly slips away.

The sun has now arisen
The clouds are peeking through
They're dotted all across the sky
The night kept them hidden from view.

During the sun's time to shine
Certain things will come alive
Doing what they must do
In order to survive.

But when the sun's time runs out
The night will come creeping in
Taking over the bluest sky
Turning it dark once again.

The darkness has its own beauty
The moon and stars above
Romance is in the forefront
The night is filled with love.

Each one is so exquisite
Each one has something to share
You'll be able to see it
If you're quiet and aware.


Chee Chee Martin ©2010
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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