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Before The Night Is Over

Before the night is over
Let me tell you how much I care
Whatever happens later
I know your heart goes with me everywhere

Before the night is over
Hold my hand as I say a prayer in tears
For I looked the whole world over
Only to find you already here

Before the night is over
I want to share the stars with you
You are my dearest,
The one who loves me too

Before the night is over
I do not know our fate
As I watch you sleep tonight
I want to stay with you
Into the beautiful morning light

So kiss me tenderly
In your arms I want to stay
For all the tomorrows
Your life is part of me

Before the night is over
My soul shines in your eyes
Take me with you
To where ever you may be
Before the night is over
You are the only love I see

© 2007 Linda Ann Henry
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