We'd like to keep all that we have
A sunset's golden glow
A little moment, warm and tender
It's loveliness to know

We'd like to hold fast to our heart
The quietness of dawn
A childhood's secret treasures
A baby that is born
We'd like to cherish as our own
The love that we have known
The son, the daughter, grandchild
That used to be at home

But, life moves on, with much to learn
Of all God has in store
And thus we come to realize
With Him, there's always more
It may not be the same, as then
A difference settles in
Yet, in that change we come to know
A gentle peace within

So, all we've had to love, enjoy
Can never leave too late or soon
The truth of it, makes who we are
For all He's called us to

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

"God has a time for everything,
a perfect schedule.
He is never too soon, never too late.
The when of His will
is as important as the what and the how."
Richard C. Halverson

For those who have hidden
fellowship with God,
life is a continuous feast.
S G Degraff

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