No Truer Love....

No Truer Love....

Amber skies, cover the night
As bright stars begin to shine.
Oh! what a beautiful sight
As our love begins to intertwine
Temperatures rising so very high
Walking with you, hand in hand.
We feel as if we can fly
With love, there's no demand

Arms reaching out to hold you,
Bodies start gently to embrace.
Tender kisses soft as dew...
Spirits soaring as hearts race.
Motion in harmony of love so true,
Passions igniting like flaming fire.
Lovers becoming as one from two,
Ravaging and filling every desire.

Not knowing what's to come...
Only asking for the truth.
Only true to some
True love spells out youth
More than passionate pleasure,
Is true love from its start.
But a very precious treasure,
Carried deep within the heart.

A heart so full of love
Is what we share today.
A love as pure as a dove
What more can we say?
As we journey though our life,
We'll walk every road and trail.
Finding joy, sorrow and strife,
Yet our love shall always prevail.

written in collaboration by
James R. Greene
Diane M. Lamphere © 2-17-07

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