No Turning back...............

Your hand I hold,
Your steps I follow,
Your road I tread,
Your pathway I go:

No turning back,
No turning back for me,
I am my Saviorís
For all eternity.

As this road unfolds,
Come what may,
Never will I turn back
From Your way.

Should storms clamor,
Should rain downpour,
Should enemies beset me
Each day all the more,

I will move forward,
No turning back,
I will stay with You, Jesus,
Here on this track.

For what are challenges
When You are near?
You are Love and Light,
What have I to fear?

Though I walk
Through the valley of shadow,
I will fear no evil,
For with me You go.

Heavenbound You lead,
One step at a time,
This pathway You pave
With reason and rhyme.

So no turning back,
No turning back for me;
I am Yours, My Jesus,
For all eternity.

Your hand I hold,
Your steps I follow,
No turning back,
You are all I know.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Luke 9:62
Jesus replied,
"No one who puts a hand
to the plow and looks back
is fit for service
in the kingdom of God."

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