The Ocean

The ocean is very wide and very deep
When I dream, I smell the breeze
Which is so sweet, I see the never ending waves
I wonder where they go.... Do they go to a land, that I could know
Birds fly in the wind, catching fish with eyes so keen
I can hear the sound, I wonder what it means

The ocean so blue, like the clouds of the sky
Part of life, flying by
Let me open my arms, let me feel the wind
I can go to another time and I know I will fit in

I want to sail on a boat and hold my fingers in the cool water
As the waves come to me, I am one with the ocean
My life is now free, let me taste the drops upon my lips
I feel the souls of those I know
For everything I am, is in the ocean deep below
All that is me, is a song from a breeze
The ocean is a love, I could never explain
Like me, it will always be there just the same.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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