Daydreaming of Home

My mind is travelling down
along a winding dusty track,
To find my childhood home,
if I just wander back.
It's a journey o'er the hill,
but when I reach the brow
All the panorama's there in view,
and I am there, right now.

The walls I see are peeling off,
the planks are tumbling down,
Gaping holes within the windows,
make a lonely whistling sound.
The hinges that were oiled,
now squeak with rusty grind,
The veranda is all dusty
my Mama would have pined.

Wild are the flower beds,
that were her pride and pleasure,
Bushes, weeds and creepers,
grow everywhere at leisure.
My Papa's work worn boots,
I hear thumping up the path,
How I love his cheery whistle
playing in my heart.

I meander from room to room,
see the curtains drooping there,
Bare walls stare at me
no heart is anywhere.
My Mama's voice echoes near
Softly calling, Bloss, come here,
I peep inside the pantry,
but find no Mother there.

Maybe I'll find her in the garden,
in the beauty that she wove,
Her hair drying in the wind,
bending down to smell a rose
Then in the colours of the garden
I feel her presence close,
And oh, I smell the sweet aroma
from her cooking at the stove.

Sunshine teases with the shadows,
my fancy wanders free,
I hear her at the piano playing,
"Telling of The Father's love" for me.
My heart had it's beginning,
back here when I was young,
The years may change the house,
but my reminiscing's just begun.

My reflection may be mellowed,
recalling laughter and some tears,
The willing feet that put in place,
every day down through the years.
Yet, time has returned the past to me,
that I left, to gather dust,
I delight in every memory now
the best of yesterday to trust.

Sweetest childhood memories,
what a treasure they are worth
To enrich my life today
that love continues to give birth.
A special hillview farmhouse,
is where my heart still roams,
A house far more than creaking beams,
for me...it was my home.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2003

These are the words Mum used to sing as she played the piano
Tune "Bells across the meadows"
Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my all
He came down from heaven above, telling of His Fathers love
Bringing me within the fold, Jesus my Saviour
Oft would I reject Him, How could I neglect Him?
Suffered, died on Calvary, from my sins He set me free
Everlasting life for me, Jesus Lord

Praying til' I meet Him, in the air I'll greet Him
In the twinkling of an eye, I'll be caught up in the sky
Forever be with Him on high, Jesus my Saviour
Friend will you accept Him, please do not reject Him
Sheltered on His loving breast, you'll find pardon, peace and rest
Now there is no sting in death, Jesus Lord..

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Bells across the meadows
composed by
Albert William Ketelby (1875-1959)
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