As I awoke this morning
The first thing I saw was your face
I thought to myself
"I am looking through the eyes of love"
It was like looking into Heaven's grace.
I wanted to hold you close
Your eyes were the bluest blue
You held me in your strong arms
And I thanked God I belong to you.

As the sun grew bright and warm
You smiled that dear smile, beauty from above
As I watched, it was as if a gate swung wide
I thought "I am looking through the eyes of love".
We went on a picnic, I picked wild flowers for you
We were young and free
We talked about happy things and laughed
You stood up and only wonder I could see
As the clouds swirled, you pulled me by my hands
And we danced to music of our heart's delight
"This is what looking through the eyes of love must be like".

It started to rain, and then, up yonder
I saw the rainbow of hope
Being in love can be so beautiful
A butterfly circled..blessing bestowed
A lovely gift for the best day of my life
Tomorrow we will have another
God made us one, He is enough
In a paradise for two
Both looking through the eyes of love.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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