Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord


~Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord~

Bless me with compassion
For those who need our love
Bless me Lord with understanding
Give me blessings from above

Teach me Lord the gift of generosity
To share with others and have charity
In my heart let there be kindness
Never to become hardened nor have inflexibility

Teach me kindness in your tender way
May I be a testimony of your great works
I ask you Lord for strength and courage
For all that I embark

May I be grateful for each and every day
Help me to trust in all relationships
Teach me love even if it is not returned
It is you Lord that I always worship

May I be as forgiving as you and start another day
I pray I always keep my faith in all that I do
Especially in the most difficult days
When I think of all you sacrificed, I will not be blue

You blessed me with contentment and a cheerful heart
It's all in praying, asking God and attitude
Thank you for all of your provisions and see our needs
And in this end it is faith I do conclude

Joyce Ann Geyer © May 2008

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