Oh Lord let it rain.......

Oh Lord let it rain.......

I sat with the old widows as
They wept for me and
We cried together for the tragedy
And for all the people and the sea creatures
Small and great who lost their lives
Down in the Gulf.

For the oils sake this vile spill
Goes on and on while the people
Cry out, Oh Lord let it rain.

Oh Lord, let it rain.
Let it somehow wash the oil away
And let it be clean again
Now down 5000 feet
They don't know what to do

They say on the news
We haven't even got a clue
So now the fish and the shrimp are gone
As we watch the shore at early dawn

Sure enough there's the oil slick.
The widows cry we are all sick.
Lord let it rain, Oh Lord let it rain.

Now there's nothing left in our nets
But this black oozing oil
And this fisherman's regrets.


Gary Matthews© May 2010
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The Gulf oil disaster:
This could become the worst
oil spill in American history.
You can compare it to
the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill,
which is something of a benchmark
for U.S. oil spills
[the Valdez spilled 250,000 barrels]
of oil into Alaska's price
William Sound and the
cleanup at the time cost [$3.5 billion]
The workers need prayers and they need to
fix the leak and contain the damage,
before the the oil slick spreads
up the east coast.

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The Gulf oil disaster
This could become the worst oil spill in American history