Old Age

Days go by, way too fast
Memories from, my distant past
Filling this clouding, aging brain
Never will things, be the same.

Difficulty getting, things just right
Cataracts hindering, my vision and sight
Bones continually ache and throb
Making me whimper, making me sob.

Hair is thinning, turning gray
No one listens, to what I say
Feeling robbed of my youth
Trying to ignore, what is the truth.

Forgetting places I have been
Wishing I could do it over again
Faces I remember, names I forget
Causing me sorrow and regret.

Spouse has gone, to Heaven above
No one to hold, nothing to love
Always spending my nights alone
My fate will be, a nursing home.

A pharmacy is my best friend
So many pills, there is no end
Labored breathing, causing concern
Days from yore, is what I yearn.

Suffering seems to be my lot
The big "A" now is what I've got
My time is near, it's close at hand
I'll walk with Jesus, in the Promised Land.

Chee Chee Martin © 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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