'Tis a long long road
But, on I go, as step by step
To me is shown
The path is steep, 'tis winding too
And many times I feel alone
Yet, still the road curves on ahead
It never stops...
With Him I tread

A corner comes, I see some more
Though not too far
But...on I dance
The light is there, I see it still
I go that way, each day His will

A lamp I have, 'tis in my heart
His word aglow, upon my path
'Tis slippery wet, yet on I step
I hear Him call, my way is set
It may be long, but on I go
This road of love
Will take me home

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©2007

Poetry from the Heart

I am not the brood of the dust and sod,
nor a shuttled thread in the loom of fate;
But the child Divine of the living God,
with eternity for my life's estate.
I am not a sport of a cosmic night,
nor a thing of chance that has grown to man;
But a deathless soul on my upward flight,
and my Father's heir in His wondrous plan.
~Alva Romanes~

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