On Golden Streets.......

On Golden Streets.......

I dreamed I died and went to Heaven
And an angel let me in
I saw all the streets paved with gold
And knew I was free of sin
I felt so blessed, just to be
Way up there on Golden streets

Every thing was like the bible
So beautiful and serene
Glistening shining brightly,
All sins were washed
Away and cleaned
I knew that I was in heaven
Walking on the Golden streets
Somewhere on the Golden streets

It takes my breath away
It takes my breath away
Where angels dance
And play
It takes my breath away

Now if I can stay in Heaven
And my Savior I will meet
Then I'll say a prayer to guide you
Out there on the Crystal Sea

I felt so blessed just to be
Way up on those Golden streets
And I thank God that I believe
He saved my soul and set me free

On the Golden streets...
On the Golden streets

Written by Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The People's poet
and Gary Matthews
Music and sung by Gary Matthews

Registered © 2008 BMI, All Rights Reserved.

Published by and Directly licensed in place
for internet public performance on

Available on
Cd Baby

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