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The Orchid....

There was once a beautiful orchid
That lived in the garden of love
This orchid was so special
It glowed for heaven above.

God had an angel standing guard
People asked God if it could be theirs alone
He said, " Only if someone is pure of heart
Would I let it be their own."

Many came and went
The angel did not let them close to view
So when I came to hear of it
I wondered if God would let me through.

When I came to this garden of love,
All was just as people said
I was only a humble girl
Would God give it to me instead?

I saw the angel dressed in beautiful gold
I looked at the orchid with longing
Hoping I could at least smell its folds
"I have been waiting for you"
God's voice came from above
"The orchid is yours for the taking
Given with all My love"

I asked, "Dear God,
You have been guarding it for so long
Why do you give it to me
I am not even very strong."

The angel smiled
"My Daughter, you are special
You have been so all your life.
You help others first
You always give loving advice.

Your heart is pure like the falling snow
So special in God's love
He put this orchid here,
So it would not lose its glow
I, myself have watched you
And seen how you grow.

So you may take this flower
From God's loving care
You are a blossom yourself
You are so very rare."

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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