~Liberty For Our Nation~

Stay alive in liberty
Don't slip behind a mask
Keep hold of all our God can be
That will forever last

Don't let cold darkness overpower
Enshroud you from the light
Ask God to lift the cloak of night
Unveil His lasting life

Release the shackles of man's thought
To keep your eyes on high
Remove all sight of magic arts
Be real, be warm, be right

Peel back the layers of false image
And trust in truth alone
Don't let the vain philosophies
Infuse your heart to stone

Crumble not, an empty monument
In history's memory
Keep moving in the life of God
And all His goodness see

Speak peace and love into your nation
Unloose your lips to grace
Sing, hearken ever to your Maker
Your gaze upon His face

Rise forth in courage, yet with fear
For God alone gives worth
Return to righteousness that formed
The future from your birth

All nations of great glory fall
When eyes grow cold as ice
"In God We Trust" alone, your might
By His own sacrifice

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

We turn to God for help
when our foundations are shaking
only to learn
that it is God shaking them.
~Charles West~

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