Jesus Has One Pair Of Hands

Jesus Has One Pair Of Hands

As I say my prayers to Jesus
I hope that I am blessed
Jesus has one pair of hands
To hold me, whisper in my ear
"I love you my child
Take my pair of hands
I promise to be with you always for
You believe
My one pair of hands can set you free"

"I will take away
Every sin that you have done
When I was on the cross
I did remember thee
I have cured the blind men
Healed the sick
I help all in need of me
And with my one pair of hands
They too are blessed"

"With one pair of hands I raised the dead
If you hurt, cry in my arms, to see
I have painted the sun and moon
I have painted the days and nights
I created you, so your life could be in Me"

My Lord Jesus, has one pair of hands
For me to worship,
and kiss His faithfullness
In all the world I know
There is none like Him
Jesus I bow my head, tears run down my face
For when the soldiers took you
You, alone, took my place.

Jesus, I love you, Your hands
That made the rainbows, butterflies
The ocean I can sail
And the bright blue sky
When I see the darkness
You weep as I do too
And take me in Your one pair of hands
To bring me Home to You.

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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