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~ Male Pastor eCard ~

A Pastor's Heart

A well spoken message stirs a heart to rejoice
There is nothing like a strong, resilient voice
But when sorrow comes, there is no better gift to impart
Then the gift of a caring, pastor's heart

A loving touch or a kind word
A moment of counsel from God's holy word
A telephone call--after you just heard..,
Is the gift of our pastor's heart.

Lord, bless this pastor
In each new day
Bless his ministry along the way
For fame and fortune can never impart
The precious gift of a caring pastor's heart

Just a servant of Christ
and at times a dear friend
With a dersire to love God
To the very end
Tending his flock in the Savior's way
Is the gift of a pastor's heart

Striving to live
as an apostle of Christ
Serving his father giving Godly advice!
Preaching and teaching and sharing the Word
Is the gift of a caring pastor's heart.


Sandra L. Adams ©2000

So Christ himself gave the apostles,
the prophets, the evangelists,
the pastors and teachers,
to equip his people
for works of service,
so that the body of Christ
may be built up
Ephesians 4:11-12

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Click here to share this greeting or please send through your own e-mail...........

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