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God Bless Our Troops

My prayers are said each and every night
For all those, who are out of sight
They I am sure, are lonely and scared
Hoping that by morning, their life has been spared
We all must not guess, whether right or wrong
We must not judge, the weak or the strong
They are fighting for us, to be able to say
The things we feel, as we live each day

It's a hardship for many, family and friends
Tears of sorrow, many hearts to mend
We can attack those, that sent them there
Or we can stand together, make it easier to bear
Our young hero's show they are proud
But here we are, screaming far to out loud
Get them out, bring them home, no good can be had
By staying there and fighting, for all that we HAVE

IT's a waste of time, those enemies have shown
The endless days and nights of battle, fatalities have grown
Many of those, who sit and openly condemn
The bravery and commitment, of our women and men
How can you not think of them, and what they do?
Do You ever wonder what their thinking, of me and you?
It's easy for you to sit there and judge
You're here comfortable and happy, not living in fear.

Your days come and go, you live happy and free
So why not get down on just one knee
Thank our troops, be proud of what they do
They give their lives, for me and you
I pray each night that our LORD holds them near
To guide them and protect them, and take away their fear
Let's never forget the sacrifice, that is being made
Please honor our troops, let our THANKFULNESS never fade

© 2006Cathy (Cookie) Carletti

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