The Perfect Child

She lifted the tiny baby still warm from being born
and gently cleansed His rosebud skin,
smiling at His first yawn.
Examining His tiny body, she looked over every part
and seeing He was unblemished,
cradled Him close to her heart.
She encased her firstborn Child
in unpretentious swaddling clothes
inappropriate for His royalty, unfit to cover a King's toes.

She touched His graceful tiny fingers,
stroked His hair of softest silk,
then cuddling Him close to her side,
suckled Him on human milk,
She felt His little heart beating,
saw the brightness of His eyes;
comprehending His perfection,
she praised Him with sweet lullabies.

I often wonder how she felt on that glorious day
when she first held her Perfect Child,
the one who came to light our way.
Could she ever have imagined she'd be God's chosen one
to give birth to the Messiah....
The Perfect Child...God's only Son!

May the awesome wonderment
Mary felt when she held Jesus
be in your heart
as we celebrate the birth of
God's Perfect Child!

Copyright 2003 Dorothea K. Barwick

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