Prayers At The End Of Your Day

Goodnight Dear Lord

A Collection of Beautiful Prayers to Offer at the Close of Any Day!


At the Close of a Happy Day

It's almost time for me to go to sleep, Lord. But before I turn off the lights, I come to You in prayer offering my thanks. Yes, I am so grateful for this happy day.You gave me. I really enjoyed it. Many good things happened for me as the hours went by. and I realize even more how nice it is to be alive. Because today has been so wonderful, I feel very relaxed and peaceful as I get ready for bed. Please help me to have a restful night and when I wake up in the morning, May I be blessed with another happy day in my life. Thank you for loving me.... Goodnight, Dear Lord.


At the Close of a Difficult Day

I am very glad, Dear Lord that my bedtime has arrived. God this has been such a difficult day for me to get through. My mind and body are so tired. It truly seems as though one problem after another has occurred today. But I was able to keep going, thanks to Your loving help. I need to rest now and to forget how trying this day has been for me. Do please bless me with a good night's sleep and when morning comes, let me feel refreshed and renewed. I pray that You will answer my prayer by making tomorrow a much better day for me.. I love You... Goodnight, Dear Lored.


At the Close of a Busy Day

I have something to tell You, Lord, before I shut my eyes to go to sleep. Yes, I want to thank You for giving me the energy to get throught today. I truly needed Your help, because this has been a very busy day for me. From morning until right now at bedtime, I have had so many things to do. And there were times when I wondered if I could get them done... But with you guiding me, I am happy to say that I did accomplish a great deal today. Please watch over me as I sleep, and bless me with a peaceful night. May I be rested to begin a brand new day... Goodnight, Dear Lord.


At the Close of a Sad Day

I am very downhearted tonight, Lord. And I ask for Your help as I come to You in these prayerful moments at bedtime. Things have happened today to make me feel so sad and blue. But even though my spirits are low, I still have faith in You. How thankful I am to know that I can always count on Your love... so I pray that You will help me now in my time of sadness.Uplift me and bring me comfort. Bless me with the courage to carry on. And may I rest well throughtout this night. For I want to face tomorrow with strength and clear thoughts.... Goodnight, Dear Lord.


At the Close of a Successful Day

I feel so content as I get ready for bed, Lord. And I believe this wonderful feeling is because of the "good forture" that came my way today. Thank You for helping to make this such a successful day in my life. It has given me hope that even better things are in store for me. I truly appreciate the many gifts I receive from You. May I always be worthy of them. Please continue to stay by my side, leading me to even greater joy and success and after this peaceful night of sleep, may tomorrow be another fine day in Your care. Thank You so much.... Goodnight, Dear Lord.


At the Close Of a Holiday

Through the hours of this holiday celebration are almost gone, Lord, they surely will not be forgotten. For today has provided me with such pleasant memories. I hope, too, that I will never forget how blessed I am by You. Each wonderful thing You bring into my life is greatly appreciated. Please accept my thanks which are indeed sincere. I have to go to bed and rest now. But I want You to know my feelings as this holiday comes to a close. May I sleep peacefully tonight and always in Your good care. Love of my life... Goodnight, Dear Lord.

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