A Prayer of Deliverance

A Prayer of Deliverance
Dear heavenly Father, In the name of the Lord Jesus, as Your servant, I come before You right now in behalf of these Your people. Father, these are Your people. Father, these are the people you have taken out of the kingdom of darkness.
You have placed them in the kingdom of Your dear Son. We are Your people. You are not angry with us. You were in Christ reconciling us unto Yourself. Jesusí blood was the propitiation for our sins. It covered our sins. It satisfied all the demands of Your justice and Your holiness. You say in Your word, There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. We are all in Christ Jesus. You do not condemn us, Father. You are not the accuser. You convict us of sins so we will confess our sins to You and reject their influence in our life. You never haunt us with accusations saying we are evil; no good, worthless, unacceptable to You; so bad we are not true Christians. We know that such accusations only come from the enemy-the evil one-the father of lies. You donít condemn Your children. You donít accuse Your children. You love us. Oh, God, oh, Lord Jesus, You said in Your Word, If you then been evil (and we are) know how to give good things to Your children, how much more shall Your heavenly Father give good things to those who ask Him? Oh, Father, thank You that You are my Father, that You are our Father. Thank You that Your Spirit in us cries, Abba Father: my own dear Father. Your Spirit within all of my brothers and sisters here in Your presence right now is crying to You on their behalf~Abba, Father. The Spirit Himself within us is making intercession for us right now with groaning that we cannot even utter. We bless You, our Father and our God, that You know the mind of the Spirit. Thus, You answer His cries because He prays according to Your will through us and we bless You for that. Lord Jesus, we thank You right now that by faith, with the eyes of our spirit, we see You enthroned at the right hand of God interceding for all of us. We also see all demons, all evil principalities and powers placed in subjection to You. You alone are Lord. Lord Jesus You say to us in Your Word that all authority has been given to You in heaven and on earth. You alone are Lord! You are our Lord! With our mouth we confess, Jesus, you are my Lord! You are our Lord! Your Father has established You as head over all things pertaining to Your church and we belong to Your church, Lord Jesus. We honor You right now and we bless You as the Lord of our life. Lord Jesus, You have bound satan. You dethroned the enemy. You took upon Yourself human flesh that through death you might render powerless him who had power over death, that is the devil, in order that you might free us who were in bondage to him. We thank You that You have already freed us from that bondage. We thank You that You have already rendered satan powerless against us. Thank You, Father, that when You placed our sins upon Your Son, You nailed the death debt decree, which was against us to the Cross. Thus You disarmed the evil rulers and authorities that had enslaved us. You triumphed over the demonic principalities and powers. The whole kingdom of evil supernaturalism has been humiliated and defeated by You. Lord Jesus, You made a public display of our defeated enemies. Your angels and all of creation joyfully witnessed the defeat of these fallen angelic beings that had rebelled against Your Father. You dethroned them and You defeated them. You tell us in Your Word that since we are born of God the Evil One cannot touch us. You have given us authority over scorpions and serpents and over all the work of the enemy. You have said to us Nothing shall by any means hurt us. You have given to us authority over the kingdom of satan and we thank You for it. In the name of Jesus Christ, I speak to the evil spirit world on behalf of my brothers and sisters who are here before God. Every demonic power, which has been assigned against us to disturb this meeting, get out of here! You have no place here. We, right now, break every demonic curse placed upon us as individuals and as a group. Jesus has borne all curses for us. We send you cursing evil spirits out of this room, away from our lives, back to the one who sent you here. Get out now. Godís angels are now removing you from our presence. Every demonic power, every enemy of Jesus Christ attached to the lives of any of Godís people gathered here, I command you in the name of Jesus, be silent! Any evil spirits hiding within the lives of my brothers and sisters, in the name of Jesus, I command you go into the pit. You are bound there and you cannot whisper to their minds. You cannot touch their bodies. You cannot disturb their emotions nor influence their will. You cannot do anything. You are bound and you are to shut up and when we tell you to go, you will go and not return. You cannot call upon satan or any other demonic powers to assist you. We seal off this entire building by the authority we have in Jesus Christ the Lord. We command every external spirit that has nothing to do with the lives of these, Godís people, get out of this room right now: GET OUT. YOU CANNOT COME RETURN BY ANY MEANS. WE HAVE COVERED OURSELVES AND THIS SPACE WE OCCUPY WITH THE FULL PROTECTING AND FULL HEALING POWER OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. Likewise, we now cover our homes, our vehicles, our places of work with the power of the Blood of Jesus. We now cover each person whose name God alone can read in our hearts be they present here or not.

In the name of Jesus, and by the full protecting power of His Precious Blood, we declare them Anointed Temples of the Holy Spirit ~Souls Redeemed ~ Children of the Living God~ untouched and untouchable by any evil of any kind any where in this world or in the next. Praise you, Jesus! Come, Holy Spirit, and fill the hearts of your faithful~ kindle in them the Fire of Your Love. Saturate them and their household with your power and with every Holy Gift. Father, You said You send Your angels as ministering spirits to minister to us, Your heirs of salvation. You say that the angel of the Lord camps round about those who fear Him and delivers them. We ask You right now that Your angels will camp right around this room and seal us off from all activity of any external evil spirits. They have nothing to do with whatís going on here. Father, may Your angels expel every demonic power that has been sent against us by evil persons. We bless You for that. You are doing so right now. They are being sent back in anger and defeat to those who sent them against us. Now Father, we want to come together before You as the representatives of our family line. We want to confess the ancestral, generational sins we are guilty of as families. Those sins, which we share in as part of a rebellious lineage. We also want to deal with the sins that have resulted from the abuse we experienced as children. We want to forgive those who have hurt us. We want to ask You to forgive and to bless those who have sinned against us. You told us we are to forgive as we have been forgiven. Finally, we are going to confess to You in a general way the sinful choices we have made, the sinful activities that have opened the door to demonic attachment to our life. Thank You that You are going to hear our confession. Father, You said that You forgive us and cleanse us when we confess our sins. We thank You that You are going to forgive us right now. Open the eyes of our souls that we may be flooded with full knowledge of our sins. And with a sincere desire to repent and not to sin again. Brothers and sisters, do not be afraid of what we are going to do now. I want you to speak out loud after me the words, which I speak in your behalf before God. Even if some of the sins I confess on behalf of all of us here you are not personally guilty of, confess them anyway, out loud after me. Thus, we minister in behalf of others in this room who have experienced the curse of those sins.

Dear heavenly Father, I am Your child. (Repeat.) You have redeemed me. (Continue repeating out loud each phrase.) You have taken me out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. You have placed me in the kingdom of Your Son. As far as the east is from the west You have removed my iniquities from me. You promise me in Your Word that my sins and my iniquities, You remember no more. How I bless You for that. Dear Father, I want to come before You as the representative of my ancestral line, of my family line. Hear my confession as I confess to You the sins of my fathers, as the scriptures teach us. Father, we are a rebellious family. We have rebelled against Your Word. We have grieved Your Holy Spirit. We have served other gods. We are guilty of sexual sins. We are guilty of passing judgment. We are guilty of seeking revenge. We are guilty of unforgiveness. We are guilty of bearing false witness. We have abused other people. We have been filled with anger and rage and self-pity, with rejection and bitterness. We have hurt other people. We have ruined their good name and reputation. We have stolen, lied, and committed iniquity. We are a sinful people.

I ask You right now to forgive me . . . forgive my parents, my grandparents . . . all of my family line back to the far distant beginning of this lineage which only You, God, can see. Forgive us each and every one for the sins we have committed. I ask You right now to cancel out the sinful transference that You have pronounced in Your Word. You said that the sins of my father's and my fatherís father's would come down through the family line unto the third and fourth generation. Father, I represent a new generation. I want to live in obedience to You and your commandments. I want to serve You. I want my children and their children to serve You. Right now, I ask You to forgive my family members, living and dead . . . those in this world and those in the next. I pray with Jesus when he said, Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. On behalf of those who are still alive, Father, forgive them. Bring them to repentance. Donít lay their sin to their charge. Father, for me, as the representative of my family, forgive me for my involvement in the sins of my family line. I thank You that the generational curse is broken in Your eyes right now. I thank you, Lord, that by the full healing power of Your most Precious Blood, you have reached back to an unseen time and ahead into an unknown future. You have covered each soul, each sin, each member of our family lineage with the power of Your Blood. Jesus bore that curse for my family and me. Thank you, precious Lord. Merciful Father, You know I was abused as a child. You know I came from a dysfunctional family. My parents didnít raise me as I should have been raised. Since my early childhood there were problems in my life, there were sexual problems, there were problems of anger, bitterness, shame, a sense of unworthiness, and rejection. Oh, Father, forgive me for these negative dimensions of my life. Father, You know the people whose very names bring a negative reaction within me. They hurt me. They abused me sexually. They abused me physically. They abuse me religiously. They sinned against me. Right now, I confess to You my reactionary sin against them, my bitterness, anger, even hatred and rage against these people. Letís take a moment and let God bring some of those names to our minds. Silently choose to forgive those people one by one. Donít hold back. Remember what Jesus said, If you do not forgive the transgressions committed against you, your heavenly Father will not forgive you. He said when you are standing, praying, Forgive, if you have anything against anyone, that your heavenly Father may forgive you. Thatís a principle of the kingdom of God. If the name of someone comes to your mind, someone who did something so awful against you that you have battled for years with anger and unforgiveness, you might not emotionally feel you can forgive as God commands. That is understandable. That results from the serious emotional bruising that you have suffered at the hands of other people. The healing of your emotions will come in time. But you are able now to begin obeying the command of God by choosing to forgive them. It will help you if you can accept the fact that the persons who did you harm were in all probability themselves the victims of somebody elseís abuse. Thatís why they acted the way they did against you. That doesnít absolve them of their accountability, but very often those who have victimized you were themselves first victimized by others. The cycle of sin must be broken and you must make that break right now. The indwelling Holy Spirit will help you right now.

Say after me . . . Father, by your grace, I forgive them. (Mention silently all the names that come to your mind.) They did not know what they were doing. Father, by faith, and in obedience to Your word, I choose to forgive them right now. Perhaps you too have been guilty of the same type of sin against other people. You have been so angry and cruel toward your parents, brothers or sisters, grandparents, relatives and friends. Perhaps you have discriminated against people of a different race, ethnic group, social class. Perhaps you, in turn, have poured out your anger on other people. Perhaps you too have victimized your loved ones, your husband or wife or your children or your parents or others and you want to now ask God to forgive you. Do it, quietly. We will all pray silently for a few moments. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your mind those who need your forgiveness. The Lord, by His Spirit, will bring other names to your mind later today, tomorrow and the days ahead. You can continue to choose to forgive.

Now, repeat after me as I pray. Dear Father, I choose to forgive all of these people whose names You have brought to my mind. I choose to forgive everyone whose name You will yet bring to my mind in the days ahead. I have been angry with them. I have hated them. I have been bitter towards them. I have fantasized harm happening to them because they hurt me so much. Father, forgive them. They didnít know what they were dong. They, themselves, were victims of sins committed against them in their childhood, through their family line or by other sinful people. Father, right now, by faith, I choose to forgive all those who have sinned against me. I forgive all of them without exception, especially that one person who did me so much harm. I have battled for years with my inability and/or unwillingness to forgive him, her, and the others. I do it now, by faith, by the power of Your Spirit. Lord, more than that, by faith I choose to love them with Your love. In myself I donít find that love. In Your love for me I can extend my love and Your love to them. I want them to be redeemed. I donít want them to go to hell. May Your grace work in their life if they are still alive and bring them to repentance for the evil that they have done just, Father, as You have done with me. I want them to love You the way I love You. Now, dear Father, I right now claim Your promise that if I confess my sins (and I have done that) You are faithful and just to forgive me my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Thank You, Father, that You have forgiven me and that I am now free to forgive them. Dear Father, I have more confession to make to You. I have willfully sinned against You from my childhood until now. You know those sins that I have committed, willfully. I am ashamed. Lord, I know that You want to forgive me and set me free. Lord, I now confess all my sins to You. I confess and renounce all my sexual sins, both in actual sexual activity as well as those of the mind and imagination. Cleanse me, Father, I confess and reject my sins of anger, pride, stubbornness, bitterness, rejection, shame, wanting my own way, contention, division, worldly ambitions all of this evil, oh, God, I am ashamed of it all. I have sinned against You and ask You to forgive me. Now Lord, I take all of my sins in one group and lay them before You. I renounce them. I confess them. I reject them. I want nothing to do with them. I want to be pure. I want to be a person of God. You have said in Your Word, ďBe ye holy because I am holy. I want to be holy. I claim Your promise that if I confess these sins as I have now done, that You are faithful and just and You are forgiving me right now. The blood of Jesus Christ, Your Son, is being applied to my heart right now. I am being washed clean. I am no longer guilty, I am free. Thank You, Father. I bless Your wonderful name. Now, brothers, and sisters, we are going to break all demonic activity which these sins have drawn to our life. Just relax. Donít fight anything that takes place inside of you. You are not going to be embarrassed. Nothing is gong to hurt you. I am going to speak out as your representative. Donít try to analyze what is going on. Just listen and let the Spirit of God do what He does. Jesus said, I cast out demons by the Spirit of God Jesus by His Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. He is going to evict those squatters. He is going to break their attachment to any area of your life. He is going to send them where He wants them to go because there is no longer any grounds for them to be attached to your life. They can only be attached to you because of sin grounds. We have removed those sin grounds. Just listen and relax. Donít be afraid. Just let the Spirit of God do what He does. If you feel something strange occurring inside of you donít worry about it. Nothing is going to hurt you. Anything that doesnít belong inside of you is going to begin to go out. However, donít depend on any feelings. Just relax in the Presence of God. Let the Spirit of God apply to your life what I am now going to do as your spokesman, what we are going to do together: In the name of Jesus Christ, I stand as the representative of these, my brothers and sisters. I now take my position with these my brethren as reigning with Jesus Christ. I speak and we speak to every enemy of Jesus Christ, every demonic power that has been assigned and attached to the lives of my brothers and sisters here. All of you evil spirits who have come down through the family line, your right to afflict their life has been broken. They have confessed the sins of their fathers. Any of you who have come in as a curse placed upon them as children, that curse has been broken. Any of you demonic powers who have become attached to the lives of my brothers and sisters through the abuse they suffered as children, you no longer have any place in their life. They have forgiven those who have done harm against them. Every demonic power that in any way is attached to the lives of my brothers and sisters because of sins, which they themselves have committed, you must now go. You no longer have any grounds in their life. As a servant of God, I come into the spirit world and right now in the name of Jesus Christ, I draw you away from and out of the life of these my brothers and sisters. I break your attachment to their lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go, right now, quietly the same way you came in, and do not return. Go to where Jesus sends you and you cannot come back. My brothers and sisters are being set free. I would like all of you to pray out loud with me.

Thank You, dear Father. (Repeat each phrase.) I bless You that You have forgiven my sins. Spirit of God, I bless You, praise You and thank You that today You have set me free. Anything that was internal in my life that was not of and from YOU has quietly gone the same way it came in. Anything external to my life has been broken away. The bondage that I have been facing is now diminishing and will continue to diminish in the days ahead. Thank You, Lord Jesus that you promised in Your Word, If the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. Lord, I thank You that You have set me free right now. I just want to worship You. I want to draw near to You. I ask You to draw near to me now. Just praise Him, dear brothers and sisters. Thank Him in your own heart. If your practice is to pray out loud, then do so. If you've been given the gift of the Holy Spirit to pray in tongues, please do so. Others, do not be afraid. Praying in tongues is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Scripture says we will pray in groanings we ourselves do not understand, but God will understand that prayer. So, let us ask the Spirit of God to lead us as we pray and worship Him for the great work He has done in our souls and lives this day. Thank Him for what He has done for you and for the lives of all of Godís people here. Just in your own way, pray. If you want to stand up and bless Him, do it. If you want to just sit where you are that is perfectly acceptable. Just praise Him. Donít disturb others, but praise Him out loud. Pray with joy and faith. Pray with song and raised hands and let the Holy Spirit come upon you. Heaven and all the angels there in rejoice with you this day. The souls of your ancestors rejoice with you this day. Pray and praise Him . . .

Now I would like you to follow me in this last united prayer, out loud. Dear heavenly Father, (Repeat.) I lift my heart to You right now. I worship You. Oh, I love You. You are my Father. You donít judge me. You donít condemn me. I belong to You. You called me to be Your child. You separated me from this world. You took me out of the kingdom of darkness and placed me into the kingdom of Your Son. I worship You right now. Thank You, Father, that I am free. I bless You! I am free from the bondage that was mine in these areas of my life that I have brought before You this day. Praise you, Jesus! I thank You that within my being I sense as never before the flow of Your Spirit, the freedom to go out into the world and face those former sources of temptation and not be drawn to them because I am free. Your Spirit has made me free. Bless Your wonderful name. Draw near to my life, now. Make me to be the child You want me to be. I pray all of this in the name of Your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus and for Your glory. Amen.

(An actual [edited] group spiritual warfare prayer led by
Dr. Ed Murphy in churches in the U.S.A. and around the world.)

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