picture  of grace.........
picture  of grace.........

God made the world and all that's therein
with mountains and valleys uniquely in place.
An old rugged cross that He placed on a hill,
upon it He painted a beautiful picture of Grace.

Flowers on the hillside displays His beauty,
bright skies with clouds that man can't erase.
In all of these things shows His mighty hand,
especially the picture that He painted of Grace.

Water like diamonds through valleys that flow,
snow capped mountains to heaven they face.
Each one has a purpose, a present to man,
just like the picture He painted of Grace.

All of these things God made just for man,
regardless of color, or origin, or race.
God gave them to show how much He loves us,
especially on the hillside, His picture of Grace.


Eddie Roush © 2010

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