The Secret Place

Oh, My Lord holds me, ever so steady
as I am hid away in a Secret Place
To defend My soul He's ever ready
I stand so tall in the Secret Place
He delivers me from the fowlers snare
on the Lord I cast, my every care
His Spirit goes with me everywhere
Under the care of His Secret Place

I've no fear of terror in the night
I rest in safety in my Secret Place
Jesus take all traces of my fright
as I sleep secure in The Secret Place
Tho thousands fall by my right side
As in this refuge where I now hide
My soul is safe, where I now abide
Place of security, my Secret place

Lord, help me to never have a fear
While Hidden safe in a Secret Place
As your sheltered wing draws me near
to your chest in love's Secret Place
In loving warmth, Holding me there
as a mother hen, her chick to care
Yes, I'll follow you Lord, anywhere
rest in peace in This Secret place.

My refuge in YOU Lord, now is taken
I stand protected in a Secret Place
altho Mankind, around me is shaken
there's security in the Secret Place
Man's wicked bows are now a-bending
Our Nation's trouble's seem unending
In Love, His children now defending
Lord, Keep us safe in The Secret Place.

2002 Jenny Wren

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The author of the poem is Jenny Wren.
Jenny Wren