I have been many places

I have been many places
Sang many a song
I wish I could live my life over
I want again to be born

I have been many places
I have cried many a tear
Dear God, may I ask you
What brought me to here
I have been many places
Many a star I did see
What is in this world
So I can become free

Where are my loved ones
Does no one want me
What have I done
This is my plea
Does anyone have eyes to see me
Does anyone have ears to hear
Does anyone have a heart
They may want to share

Sometime I feel powerless
There is nothing I can do
So I go in a corner, with little hope for two
I have been many places
From home to home
I do not seen to belong anywhere
So that is why I roam

I found a church to help me learn to pray
I found Jesus love, so here is where I want to stay
The moment Jesus touched me, good I became
I am no longer in the dark and I have come out of the rain
Yes, I have been many places
I am glad I am here, there is so much beauty
And the Savior is near, I feel His fingers
Which give me new light
Jesus died on the cross
So I could make things right

I forgive all who could not love me
I forgive all who did not understand
I forgive those who made me cry
And maked me feel powerless, as they walked by
I want to be just like Jesus, he is kind and good
He never leaves me, He would not if He could
Now I go to many places and I help those in need
I help them see Jesus love, through me
If just one who may feel powerless, as I once did myself
I tell them to say "The Our Father",
Because He is the only one who can help.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

There is nothing worse than being powerless. It has happened to me many times. If you do not have Jesus in your life, it is worse... Jesus always answers your questions and He'll never leave you.. But most important, He loved you so much He died for you. .......

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