The Master Plan
Did God not make the universe
The drifting clouds so high
A blazing sun, the moon and stars
The blue and endless sky.

Did God not make the hollyhock
The lovely daffodil
A purple violet and lilac tree
The evening whip-poor-will.

Did God not make the yellow finch
The robin flying low
A meadowlark, the jay and wren
The black bird and the crow.

Did God not make the oceans deep
The clear and sparkling stream
A babbling brook, the lakes and ponds
The geysers filled with stream.

Did God not make the shifting sand
The rivers gentle flow
A field of grain, the rolling plain
The valley down below.

Did God not make the grace of spring
The rainbows vibrant hue
A winter snow, the autumn leaves
The morning filled with dew.

Did God not make the mountains high
The stately trees so tall
A blade of grass, the thunderstorm
The dear Lord made them all.
©2002 Marilyn Ferguson

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