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On Tuesday, September 11, 2001,
Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.
Flight 93 was hijacked and crashed in Pa.
Thousands of precious lives perished during this tragedy.
In The Light Of the devastating events, we join the
nation in grieving for the loss of so many innocent lives.
We express our deep sympathy and our thoughts and
prayers go out to their families and loved ones.


In America, Terrorism; is now a personal concern.
Lessons of life, from terrorists we now slowly learn.
This lesson hit America hard, right inside her heart.
Clean up and healing this great nation has to start.

Little hurting children, they're trying to not believe.
In shock, a child doesn't know, how it feels to grieve.
Loved ones the children knew, they're now; simply gone.
Lets all love and shield the child, each and every one.

Introducing first to; our own gentle Shepherd, Lord.
Jesus makes all things right, His children are adored.
Remember yourself, how you felt, when as a tiny child.
Adults kept the evil away, making your feelings wild.

After the licking-of, Americas huge and gaping wound,
Disgust settles over her, much like a bride less groom.
Soon, there'll be the burying of America's many dead.
Then and only then, will America slowly forge ahead?

We will track the Terrorists and those providing keep.
Rest assured citizens, AMERICA can but shall not sleep.
Sinful Terrorism has become a World wide deep concern.
Is it EYE for an EYE, to repay this lesson we now learn?

Must Uncle Sam rise again; in it's horrible retaliation,
With help of Nato or alone, as America one great Nation?
Only Future history will tell the rest of the story.
It's so much like Pearl Harbor, so unbelievable and gory.

Ask yourselves, "Just Who is this, our terrible enemy?"
I ask myself now I know, that it's just too much for me.
With each and every problem I give this God, to you.
You have fought and won for me each battle, this is true.

This problem Lord... already Has America upon her knees.
I'm asking for the solution, satisfying America's pleas.
You already know Lord just who our enemy is, by name.
His Name is EVIL, satanic force, playing a losing game!

You tell of this and much more in Bible-Revelation.
I know that God finally wins over evil in your creation.
Our forefathers living here, THEY KNEW in WHOM to trust.
It's stamped upon our money, Return, as Lord, --to U.S.!


Copyright 2001 Jenny Wren All rights reserved

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The author of the poem is Jenny Wren.
Jenny Wren

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