I Am In Your Midst

Behold, I am the Lord...
hear the word of the Lord.
I am here in your midst.. praise me now.. love me..
enfold me in your love, because I love you my child. I love you!

Don't you let anything or anyone hinder you...
Or take your PRAISE from you.
I have given these thing to you saith the Lord.
I am with you and change not.

Trust me for all your needs.
Trust me for everything that concerns you.
My desire is to BLESS you and give you the promises.

Remember all things work together for your good because you
trust me and depend upon me, saith the Lord.
Stand fast, hold on, for I am with you,
for I am soon to come and my reward is truly in my hands.

I am here for whatever you need.
I am here for whatever confronts you.
I am here because everything you need, I have.

All this and more everything you need.
Whatever you are seeking, am I not here for you?
Have I not been here for you always..? saith the Lord.

Even when you did not listen or heed me, I was there.
Wake up, open your eyes, open your heart that you may receive.
Open your ears that you may hear my voice speaking to you,
for I alone am the Lord your God.

When I speak, I will open your mouth that you may say and speak to
that which I have commanded you to speak.
I am the Lord... I have spoken... I am the Lord and I change not.
I am the "GREAT I AM" and there is none
beside me nor ever will be, saith the Lord.

I will refresh you.. I will refresh your SPIRIT.
I will refresh and increase your FAITH saith the Lord.
I will refresh your MIND.
I will also restore, regenerate and renew saith the Lord.

I will restore all things which have been taken from you, that the enemy has taken.
Remember, when the thief is found out and caught, he has to give back seven fold
saith the Lord. He will pay and restore.

Have I not told you to be of a good courage?
Have I not told you to stand fast?
Have I not told you to be still and know that I am God?

When it seems that all is gone.. when it seems you can't go on..
when it seems all is darkness, remember I am your EL SHADDI.
I am the all SUFFICIENT one. I am the GREAT JEHOVAH.

In sickness, I am rophi, the healer.
In loneliness I am shammah.
I am there for you no matter what, saith the Lord.
When your strength gives out, I am Tsur, your strength...
Remember I am all that and so much more.

I love you my children. I love you.
I have so much I desire to say to you.
I have so much I want to show you, saith the Lord,
but you must be willing and ready.

Seek me with your whole heart.
Let me change everything in you that is not like me, saith the Lord.
When the seas toss you about, remember I will say "PEACE BE STILL"
and they will obey my command.

I will calm your SPIRIT... I will calm your mind.
I will loose my peace upon you saith the Lord.
I love you my children. I love you.
Will you be ready to answer the call?

Will you be ready to answer me, my child?
I love you beyond your wildest dreams.
I have spoken this day... Will you hear me?
Will you hear what the SPIRIT is saying?

Given to Sister Dorothy from the Lord.
Sister Dorothy was gracious enough to share it with us all.
Thank you dear Sister and may our Heavenly Father bless you
this New year 2003 and always.

This Beautiful prayer was written by Dorothy B. Goodman
Please take a minute to e-mail
the author of "I Am In Your Midst."
Dorothy B. Goodman

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