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~ Portrait of a Pope ~

His life was so laced with color...
A splendid rainbow without end
Held over all humanity
Like the umbrella of a friend.

Pictured is a man of courage...
Daring, direct, knowing no fear....
Always speaking words of wisdom,
Praying all in this world would hear.

Led by the Lord he loved and served,
He never faltered or backed down.
He stood for Life and Liberty.
He proudly wore the Poor Man's crown.

His heart ever with the outcast
Which no one cared to welcome in....
With the widow and the orphan....
With the lost sheep stranded in sin.

He upheld the Cross of Jesus
While bearing his own earthly cross.
Heaven's gain is his God's reward
And his death is this world's loss.

I pondered painting this portrait....
How to do justice to this Pope....
To portray a man of Peace and Love....
A man who offered Faith and Hope.

I felt I couldn't do this work.
Could words describe this loving man?
Then, Someone whispered in my soul,
"Yes, with MY help, my child, you can."

© 2005 Doris Jacobs-Covington

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