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Winter Portrait

There's a feathery blanket on the ground,
The north wind is waltzing across the snow.
Shivering pine trees have become lacy white,
Broken limbs are falling to the earth below.

Cardinal feathers are now a white-tipped red
After flitting furiously in the fresh-fallen snow.
The fluffy canopy on the hard frozen ground
Blends with tea-rose skies, creating a glow..

The footsteps of the walkers are soon hidden
As God's Winter gift comes swirling down.
While the flowers sleep under a cover of white,
A lovely Winter day excites a sleepy town..

Darkness descends and silver moonbeams fall
On evergreens now weighed down with white.
Light flickers through frosted windowpanes;
Chimney smoke billows upward in the night..

The curtains are then swiftly drawn aside;
Overhead lights reflect on the luster below.
Shadows fall lighty across icy ground,
Creating a path of silver in the snow.

copyright 2001 Barbara Cagle Ray All Rights Reserved

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