Rainbow Of Praises........

In the stillness of the morning
I will seek out my quiet place,
and close my eyes in contemplation
as I seek my Savior's face.
I will thank Him for the sunrise,
or I'll thank Him for the rain,
for He's provided yet another day
to sing praises to His name.

My rainbow of praise ascended
to God's dwelling place above;
each praise symbolizing my devotion,
each praise a circle of my love.

As I bow my head in worship,
I feel His wondrous presence near,
and I'll not ask for anything now,
but just my life for Him to steer.
For without God's morning blessing
I'm a ship without a steering wheel,
and without His hand to lead me,
no inner peace can I feel.

So I'll tell God I am ready
to follow where He'll lead,
knowing in my soul again today
He'll supply each and every need.

A Rainbow of Praises to my Savior,
A Rainbow of Love straight
from my heart...
I offer these in worship to You, Jesus,
beginning with
each new day's start.

Dorothea (Dotty) K. Barwick ©2002

Genesis 9:16 (KJV)
And the bow shall be in the cloud;
and I will look upon it,
that I may remember the everlasting
covenant between God and every
living creature of all
flesh that is upon the earth.

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