A life of love is such a joy-
This day, on one we gaze,
As for the life that you have lived
We give to God our praise.

For, when you gave your life to God
His Spirit dwelt within,
And by that walk of faith each day
True love's been clearly seen.

Here now, or far, so many years
Depending on the Lord,
To share the Word of God to all
In answer to His call.

And all the while courageous walk,
In joy, adventure, grief,
As through each day, in love or pain
God's arms were underneath.

Your caring heart swung wide the door
To children far and wide,
That they might find the Father's love
And know Him as their Guide.

Your time, your thoughts and hands
Were never kept your own,
But, held outstretched with open palms
To all who sought a home.

With prayerful spirit, faith and love
Foundational in might,
That other lives may rise to grow
Where all is good and right.

We thank our God you gave your life
To live it for the Lord,
For by that glory, love flowed through
To bless us, one and all.

For a life well lived is such a joy-
This day, on yours we gaze,
As for your life, your loving soul
We give to God our praise.

And now dear heart, dear special one,
We all would like to say,
That you deserve to hold this day
The worlds most beautiful bouquet.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems   © July 2010
Poetry from the heart

Each day of our lives
we make deposits
in the memory banks
of all those that we love

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