Wings Of Prayer

Just close your eyes and open your heart,
And allow God to enter your innermost part.
Then as you yield yourself to God up above,
He will welcome you into His arms of Love!

As Life on earth grows more and more involved,
With more problems it seems that can be solved,
Just remember that Jesus will never let us fall...
For at Calvary's cross, He took care of them all.

God tells us, we must try to do our very best...
Then He will take over and take care of the rest!
For when you are tired, discouraged and blue,
There is always one door that is open to you.

It is God's Heavenly open door of prayer...
Where Jesus waits to meet with you there!
This house of prayer is no further away,
Than a quiet spot where you kneel to pray.
Your heart is a temple and God dwells there,
As we place ourselves within His loving care.

Just as the eagles wings will protect his nest,
All our burdens that seem too hard to bear,
Can be lifted away on eagles wings of prayer...
For at the altar we find, Jesus loves and cares.

Inspirational Poetry
© 2003 used with permission
Dorothy Rogers

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